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An accurate return can ensure you’re not paying a costly fine. That is why it’s crucial that when it comes to income taxes, accuracy is key on all returns. We can say that with 25 years of combined experience and dedication we hold our self-masters of precise precision to attention to details. Our services: tax preparation, tax debt relief, tax strategy, new tax & credit seminar, bookkeeping, payroll and referral services. If you’re looking to take charge in the digital era while expanding for the future, let Digital PryME tax & credit professional assist you today. We can be contacted online or by phone.

Digital Tax Prep for Individuals

Digitally encrypted for accurately filed taxes

We all can say that times have changed. We all live in a fast-revolving world with lots of moving parts. Nonetheless one thing we all can agree on is we pay taxes and one day hopefully in the later years we perish. We understand that some may do taxes the old way, running into the first big block buster franchise or plainly do it yourself type of people. To come to realize that you’ve been robbed, or errors were made. Or how about you’ve done it yourself and you missed out on deductions or sadly you haven’t done them at all.

Basic function of any tax preparation business is to have minimum exposure of being audited by the IRS.
When consulting with any tax professional make sure they are an EA, CPA or Tax Lawyer. They must have education, training and experience in their fields. This will guarantee you that you will be dealing with a competent professional company and person who will be dealing with your personal information.

With this fast-moving world identity is the one thing we can’t take most for granted. We look to change that here at PryME Tax home of Digital PryMe LLC. With encrypted cloud base servers and authorized IRS E-FILER, you can rest assure that all your information is safe and in the palm of your hand. You can also go ahead and give someone your personal social security number without any of the measure mentioned above but… it’s not highly recommended.


Understand that when you choose PryME Tax these are some of the benefits that come along:

Credentials: EA enrollers with extensive knowledge in the IRS practice. As well as continuing training and education. We have multiple affiliate referrals for lawyers and CPA if needed. We stay up to date with all yearly requirements and any new government and federal bylaws.

PTIN: Official certified preparers with Tax Identification Number for the IRS and state tax agencies.

How we file our Taxes: All our taxes are submitted via E-File to the IRS. Exceptions are made when necessary for IRS debt relief cases. Where mail & fax are required and are the only option for the IRS or state.

Availability: This section is where we thrive at PryME Tax home of DIGITAL PryME LLC. We pride ourselves in the digital realm. With our client portal you can send information with a couple clicks of your phone. It is no longer necessary to drop of any documentation to the office unless you want to stop by and say hi. With extensive attention to detail in this department we look to make life easy and integrated with new age benefit like cloud base encryption, phone application, document upload, account status & statistics, easy to view balances and invoices under one location. Of course, traditional face to face, phone communication can be provided as well.

Invoicing & Records: This is what sets PryME Tax apart from others. All invoicing and record keeping are all done through the client portal where our prepares and you the client have safe encrypted communication. Need to send in your W2 snap a picture and drop it in your drop box option. You can do this for any document with a mobile or computer device. All invoices and found in the client portal with easily accessible.

Tax Review & Finalization: All review for signature before filling can be done in person or electronically signed on the client portal. Yes, not only can it be signed on your client portal our client portal is one of the few trustworthy systems approved and verified by the IRS for electronic customer digital signature filling.

Documents & Forms

1040 Is The U.S Individual Tax Return forms may contain and not limited to:

  • Personal information
  • Social Security Number
  • EIN Information
  • Filling Status
  • Dependent information
  • Deductions
  • Itemized Deductions


  • EIN Information
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • All Merchant Receipts
  • All Stock Sales
  • Payroll & Self Employment Tax


  • W2 Mostly common tax form
  • 1099, 1099-OID, 1099-INT 1099-MISC These forms are for a non-salary, tips or wages. Mostly used for independent contractors self-employed individual workers, freelancer, therapist or consultants.
  • 1098 The three types of forms for the interest paid on:

     – Mortgage
     – Donations
     – Student loans for paid tuition

If you are looking to have your taxes done with ease and stress free you want PryME Tax services. With a client portal and mobile application under an encrypted cloud base system verified by the IRS for digital signature approval you can’t go wrong. Now with easy monthly payments of $15.99 for personal returns will grantee digital auto tax preparation. What does that mean for you the customer?

  • Access to your client portal
  • Easy to upload important documents
  • App friendly client portal in the palm of your hand
  • Easy work to life integration with peace of mind
  • Moreover, meeting our client expectation while exceeding deadlines
  • All you would need to do is have all necessary forms for tax returns uploaded to client portal or office drop off. We handle the rest once the tax returns a completed the office will contact you via call, email & portal message advising you that the returns have been completed and are ready for review. Once reviewed you would digitally sign the necessary tax form and PryME Tax prepare will e-file the tax return to the IRS. Sit back and expect your return by mail or via IRS bank wire/transfer


Your financial health revolves around your credit score, making it imperative that the information your credit report contains is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Work with our credit experts and proven system to eliminate any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous accounts.It’s been proven time and time again that creating a budget can help you pay off debt, save money and put yourself into a solid financial position. Our online budgeting system features a modernized design, with preset categories allowing you to simply fill in the blanks and update along the way.


  • Modernized, Easy-to-Input design

  • Preset Categories Makes It Simple To Track Your Money

  • Save Time by Transferring Previous Data to a Following Month

  • Edit Your Budget From a Month Prior, Prepare Your Budget For 2 Months Forward

  • Budgeting Report to Track Your Progress Close

Pryme Tax Preparers: Main focus & goal is to have our clients receive
federal updates directly,assuring the best possible return at all times.

  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Organize your business or personal data, make necessary adjustments,
    and finalize your corporate tax return

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